The Digital Art of Shelley Benjamin

Celebrating the beauty in everyday images

My work falls into two main categories: painterly and storytelling images.

I utilize digital technology as a means for enhancing and transforming original photographs. 

To set the direction, I start by choosing a photograph. Using photoshop and other similar programs, I add layers, textures, and digital painting techniques to complete the finished image

Sometimes, the work is produced completely through my iPhone and its apps. Several different apps are used, stacking effect upon effect until I achieve the visual imagery in my mind.

I am inspired by color, reflections, light, the changing seasons, nature, architectural elements, fables and fairytales.  My knowledge of art history, coupled with my career in textile art also influences my images.

I try to share the beauty I see in everyday images and to impart the uplifting feelings that are the source of my inspiration. My goal is to create impactful visual imagery that delights the viewer.